Sell your boat


Selling pre-owned boats

You are looking to sell your pre-owned boat, preferably quickly and for a good price. HISWA- certified yacht brokers can help you with this process.

Partner with a HISWA-certified yacht broker and you’ll know exactly what to expect. They work in accordance with the HISWA terms & conditions for the brokerage of boats, which provide peace of mind and transparency. It’s always good to know you have proper and reliable assistance in the process of selling your sail or motorboat. You don’t want your worst dreams to come true of delivering a boat but never receiving payment. That’s impossible when you work with HISWA-certified yacht brokers, who will ensure you a carefree sales process.

Brokerage contract

HISWA-certified yacht brokers always draw up a brokerage contract listing the rights and obligations from all sides – yours and the HISWA broker. The contract includes:

  • Asking price
  • Commission rates
  • How the purchasing price is paid

HISWA-certified yacht brokers work professionally and objectively. They provide a total service package that includes all the issues you’ll need to consider, such as:

  • Deciding together on the asking price 
  • Excellent promotion via various channels, including
  • Arranging appointments with interested parties
  • Giving potential buyers an onboard tour
  • Negotiating the price
  • Organising a purchase inspection (if applicable)
  • Administrative and legal aspects of the transaction 

And, most importantly, ensuring you get paid!

HISWA-certified yacht brokers guarantee three things: the best price, no hassle and optimal reliability.

HISWA-certified yacht brokers: for complete peace of mind

All HISWA-certified yacht brokers have completed specialised training courses, have at least four years of proven work experience and have taken specific skills tests. Their thoroughly professional approach provides you with maximum reliability. In addition, HISWA-certified brokers are qualified to carry out boat appraisals that are recognised and accepted by financial institutions, the tax authorities and the courts in the Netherlands. 

Safe transactions

Most HISWA-certified yacht brokers offer you the option to realise the transaction via an independent third-party fund. This means the money is secured and protected in a separate account to ensure you receive the cash, and the buyer their new boat.


Support from a yacht broker

If you could use some help when buying a pre-owned boat, contact a yacht broker. Like real estate agents, they can provide expert support in the purchasing process.