Boat registration


Register your boat

Register your boat

It’s not compulsory to register your boat but certainly a smart move. Both new and pre-owned boats can be entered in the shipping register at the Cadastre.

Registering your boat offers you various benefits, including having undeniable proof of ownership. If you’re buying a registered boat you’ll have to visit a notary who is licensed to arrange a deed of delivery. HISWA-certified brokers can assist you with this process.

Within three months of registration your boat will be given a clearly visible ‘branding’ from the Cadastre. The registration number is usually carved onto steel boats while polyester boats are provided with an irremovable registration plate. Registration always includes a letter indicating the type of boat involved. 

  • Z for seagoing vessel (zeevaart)
  • B for inland shipping vessel (binnenvaart)
  • V for fishing vessel (visserij)

Most boats are registered under category B but if you are planning to visit ports outside of the Netherlands it may be useful to categorise your boat under Z.