Buying a boat

Benefit from the HISWA warranty when you buy your boat from a HISWA company in the Netherlands.

Eight essential t...

Eight essential tips for buying a boat

The smell of sea air and sun cream, the wind in your hair, the rays reflecting on the waves… Isn’t it time you spent more time on the water? And if you’d like that to be on your own boat, here’s what to keep in mind when investing in your pleasure…

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Plan a survey

Congratulations on your plans to buy a boat! We understand that all you want now is to take her out on the water. But first, be smart and arrange for a pre-purchase survey.

Support from a HI...

Support from a HISWA-certified yacht broker

HISWA-certified yacht brokers can help you buy your dream boat and provide complete peace of mind.

Limit the risk of damages, loss or theft by making sure your insurance is in good order. Ask for more details from a HISWA-certified yacht broker.

Do you need a little financing to buy your boat? HISWA-certified yacht brokers can help you choose the right type for you.

It may not be not compulsory but it’s certainly smart to register your boat. HISWA-certified yacht brokers can arrange the entire process for you.

Find your dreambo...

Find your dreamboat in the Netherlands

Is your happy place on the water? Feeling the wind in your hair, the sense of freedom… How great would it be to enjoy these pleasures at the time of your choosing? Owning a boat means you can go sailing as you please, when you please. And if you’re not ready for a new one, there are plenty of pre-owned boats available to suit every taste; a launch, a sailing yacht or a motorboat; a boat that needs work or one that’s as good as new. It’s time to stop dreaming… Choose your ideal boat now.