Carefree sailing? The three HISWA guarantees!
Carefree sailing?

The three HISWA guarantees!

  • Reliability and security
  • Extra warranty
  • Professional advice

The three HISWA guarantees

The three HISWA guarantees when buying a boat

Buy your boat from a HISWA company for carefree sailing and enjoyment on the water.

Your decision is made and you know exactly which boat you want. The next step is to check that this boat is in good condition. Contact a HISWA-certified company and you can rest assured thanks to these three HISWA guarantees.

1. Reliability and security

HISWA-certified yacht brokers who are a member of HISWA-RECRON provide complete reliability and security. Every HISWA company is obliged to follow the consumer-friendly HISWA general conditions, established in collaboration with the ANWB and Dutch Consumer’s Association. This gives you as the buyer immediate insight into all your rights and obligations and those of the seller and the HISWA-certified broker.

In addition, HISWA companies always use a purchasing contract with all the relevant contract parties, a description of the boat, the price, payment conditions and delivery and what will happen should any party fail to fulfil their obligations. This means you’ll never face unwelcome surprises and can prepare for carefree pleasure on the water.

You can identify HISWA-certified yacht brokers by the red/white/blue logo.

2. Extra warranty

Buy a boat via a HISWA-certified yacht broker and you’ll receive an additional warranty. While all HISWA companies apply the rules for the statutory warranty on new and pre-owned boats, you are also eligible for an extra warranty when buying a pre-owned boat from a HISWA company. Always ask HISWA-certified companies for the HISWA terms & conditions in which this is clearly stated. You can identify HISWA-certified yacht brokers by the red/white/blue HISWA logo or by checking this site. Do be aware that some companies pretend to be HISWA certified and provide the HISWA conditions despite being unauthorised to do so. 

3. Professional advice

Buying a boat is a major investment and it pays to work with the experts. HISWA-certified yacht brokers only employ professionals with all the relevant expertise. They know everything there is to know about boats, and can provide the best advice on any boat-related topics, such as which boat suits you best, maintenance, storage, registration, insurance and financing

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What should you pay attention to when buying a used boat?

Choose certainty and have a pre-purchase survey done!