Financing your boat


Finance your boat

Financing your boat

Do you need financing to buy your boat? HISWA brokers can help you choose which type.

You can opt to take out a mortgage on your home, a ship mortgage or a personal loan.

Mortgage on your home

If you own a home with significant excess value, it may be interesting to take out a mortgage on it to finance your boat purchase. This type of financing is often attractive and is the most commonly used.

Ship mortgage

In setup, a ship mortgage is similar to a house mortgage: the boat is considered security for the loan. The interest charged on a ship mortgage is often significantly lower than for a personal loan. Common terms for a ship mortgage include:

  • Financing 50% to 80% of the purchasing price
  • Minimum sum of €20,000 
  • Runs for 10 to 15 years

Taking out a ship mortgage requires you to register your boat with the Dutch shipping register via the Cadastre. HISWA brokers can assist you in the process.

Personal loan

A personal loan or revolving credit is also a good financing option for relatively small amounts under €20,000.