Safe payment


Safely paying for your boat

You’ve finally found her: the boat of your dreams. Now to arrange payment in a safe and reliable way to ensure the boat actually becomes yours and is properly delivered. When a deposit is requested you can benefit from the HISWA escrow account.

We recommend buying a boat from a HISWA-certified yacht broker. On request they will work with a third-party account; a separate bank account used for payments to and from third parties that is aimed at securing temporary payments. It is often necessary to make a deposit when buying a boat. By using a third-party account your deposit will be kept in a separate account from the capital of the seller and the broker, protecting your money against improper use or bankruptcy.

How it works

It’s simple: you transfer your money to the HISWA third-party account as you would a normal bank account, via internet or by contacting your bank. The third-party account of the HISWA Association will keep your deposit safe and eventually pass it on to the HISWA company from which you’re buying your boat. The transfer won’t take place until after the boat has been delivered to you and with your express permission. This means you can never lose control of your money and are ensured of complete safety.

What it costs

Using the HISWA third-party account only costs a small fee, and in return you’ll get a lot of security and certainty! The following rates apply:

  • Boat up to 12,500 euro: 25 euros  
  • Boat between 12,500 and 1,250,000 euros: 2‰ (two permille)
  • Boat over 1,250,000 euros: price available on request

Prevent fraud and bad buys

There are unfortunately too many examples of bad buys. Cases when a purchase went awry, where a boat was paid for but not delivered. Don’t become a victim of fraud: buy your boat from a HISWA-certified company with access to the HISWA escrow account. 

The use of the HISWA third-party account requires the following information to be included:

  • Case number
  • Name/address/city of residence for you and the seller
  • Copy of a valid ID from you and the seller
  • Main sum
  • Partial payments by the buyer

Only available from HISWA companies

The third-party fund provided by HISWA-RECRON offers you a deposit guarantee. This means you can be sure your boat is safely paid for and start celebrating your acquisition!