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Eight essential tips for buying a pre-owned boat

Eight essential tips for buying a pre-owned boat

The smell of the sea air and suntan oil, the wind in your hair, the sun reflecting off the waves… No wonder you’re looking to spend more time on the water on your own boat. Here’s some things to keep in mind before you buy…

  • 1. Gather all necessary information
    Ask yourself if the boat you have in mind suits your purpose. Always work with a HISWA- certified yacht broker as this ensures you find the right boat, pay the right price, receive good advice and have proper support during the purchasing process. 
  • 2. Identify the seller
    Check their passport or driver’s license and write down the identification number of the seller. Also establish ownership via the previous purchasing contract registration or proof of insurance. You could also have a chat with the harbour master, for example, and ask for the owner’s manual, maintenance bills and warranty documents. These items are not compulsory when selling a boat, but we do recommend them being available. 
  • 3. Check whether the boat is debt-free
    Go to the Cadastre to see if there’s a mortgage on the boat. Be aware personal loans on a boat cannot be checked here so make sure the purchase contract states that the boat is free of personal loan debt. 
  • 4. Plan a pre-purchase survey
    For maximum certainty have the technical condition of the boat inspected by a HISWA expert as part of a detailed pre-purchase survey.
  • 5. Estimate the expected costs
    Take into account one-off costs (the purchase itself) and annual costs (maintenance). 
  • 6. Establish the purchase in writing
    Do this twice, once for you and once for the seller. This is essential as purchase contracts often include dissolution conditions as well. HISWA-certified yacht brokers have a proper sample contract available for you. 
  • 7. Take the boat out on a trial
  • 8. Always buy your boat from a HISWA-certified company
    These companies provide the best advice, and have the widest choice with the best terms & conditions. They also provide optimal certainty and transparency


Various events feature the very latest range of available boats and accessories. The leaders are the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show in March and the HISWA Dutch in-water boat show Lelystad in September. 

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