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Zeetjalk 2400

€ 274.000,00

Holding tank, generator, central heating, hydraulic steering, steel mast, etc. Well maintained sea barge. Since 2006 a lot has been renewed

  • Build year1892
  • LOA24.18 x 5 x 1.1
  • HullSteel

Zeiltjalk 10.00

€ 39.500,00

Former inland cargo vessel that has been completely converted into a beautiful, well-maintained recreational vessel. The seller had the ship repainted and treated the underwater ship in 2020. Only the leeboards and the rudder are gradually due for a new paint job. A new boiler has been installed in 2020. The mast can be lowered very easily by 1 person, creating an air draft of approximately 2,00 meters, according to the seller even slightly lower. In total there are 4 berths, 2 in the salon and 2 berths in the forecastle. Following up to the forecastle are the toilet, salon, galley and cockpit. In 2006 a new diesel engine was installed with currently only about 500 running hours on the hour counter. The sailingtjalk is available immediately.

  • Build year1900
  • LOA10.00 x 2.80 x 0.80
  • Hullijzer/staal
  • EngineNanni
    2006 50 pk, 36 kW PK

Blom Vissermanschouw TU 4

€ 55.000,00

Solidly built (2006) Vissermanschouw. Good sailing characteristics. Easy to lower mast. Powerful engine. Bow thruster. WORTH A VISIT Robust Vissermanschouw with very authentic appearance. Very suitable for larger groups to stay in cockpit.Safe high cockpit, making it very suitable as a family ship. High cockpit tent makes it possible to stay in the cockpit in bad weather or at night. WORTH A VISIT (BY APPOINTMENT) ! General Windows: Windows in cabin bulkhead and skylight, allowing plenty of light in living space Other: Neatly maintained young fishing boat with an authentic appearance. Very suitable as a family ship or as a day sailor to stay with larger groups. Accommodation Headroom: X Other: Control panel and fuse box in cuddy cabin (see photo) renewed in 2021. Engine, electrics, water Year: Newly installed in 2006 Fuel consumption: At average revolutions per minute Water system: Foot pump Other: In addition, 4 USB sockets available. Rig and sails Crutch: Boom crutch see photo) Winches: Jib winches (2021), Mast windlass, Vallier mainsheet Sails material: Good set of brown sails (2006) Equipment Outdoor cushions: 2x Boat cover: Wintercover (see photo) Other: Has almost new cockpit tent in 2 parts with support by brackets, allowing comfortable stay in cockpit or overnight.  

  • Build year2006
  • LOA11 x 3.85 x 0.75
  • HullSteel

Blom Lemsteraak Jachtuitvoering Juffrouw Kwakeraak

€ 74.900,00

Beautiful Blom Lemsteraak. Last refit 2022 Beautiful classic Blom Lemsteraak. Over the years a lot has been invested in this ship. The warm and practical interior offers space for at least six people. The forecastle houses four fixed berths and in addition there are two extra berths in the cabin. A wonderful ship to enjoy many days on both the Frisian inland waterways as well as on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea.

  • Build year1976
  • LOA10 x 3.8 x 0.8
  • HullSteel

Dijkstra Zeeschouw Zeekoe

€ 18.500,00

Attractively priced yard-built Zeeschouw with a sea of space. Good sailing ship for inland waters, IJsselmeer and tidal flats. Motivated seller Sturdy solidly built Zeeschouw of well-known Dijkstra yard to design of Dick Boon built. Lots of interior space and headroom in the cabin. Five spacious berths and lots of storage space. Spacious cockpit. Wooden spars in good condition. Good sailing ship with approx. 60 m2 sail area. Very suitable as a family ship, to make beautiful trips. Wadden and Baltic seaworthy. Are you looking for a robust looking, attractively priced 'Zeeschouw', then the 'Zeekoe' is certainly worth a visit! General Windows: 2 portholes, 8 lights, window in cabin bulkhead and cockpit Ballast: Lead rolls, number of kg. unknown Hull number: Ex-name Saskia Other: The 'Zeekoe' can be found under number 868 in the list of the studbook. As mentioned there, at least 10 of this kind of Zeeschouwen have been built at this famous yard in Oppenhuizen. The design by Dick Boon is equally famous and stands for solidity and good sailing characteristics (!). Accommodation Material, colours: Fine oak interior Cooker & fuel: Authentic practical gas cooker Other: Features atmospherically spacious interior, plenty of headroom (approx. 1.90) to the forecastle and five adult berths. The floorboards can be removed for inspection and to store provisions (bottles). Engine, electrics, water Cooling system: Indirect cooling and dry exhaust. Voltage: 220 volt, via reel to be connected to shore power Water system: Electric Water tank & material: galvanized steel Rig and sails Crutch: Mik Winches: Fokeschoot winches Sail lowering system: Mast lowering by means of (removable) jacks and block set Jib: Jib white, 1x reefable, in addition Botterfok present Equipment Anchor windlass: anchor winch, can also be used for mast lowering Safety Gas bottle locker with drain: Including drain in stainless steel

  • Build year1967
  • LOA9.55 x 3.5 x 0.75
  • HullSteel

Tjalk Paviljoentjalk "De Onderneming"

€ 69.000,00

Very beautuful Paviljoen Tjalk with good sailing qualities. Central heating, shower, shorepower, etc.

  • Build year1905
  • LOA17.35 x 3.6 x 0.65
  • HullSteel

Kooijman En De Vries Hoogaars Nige Oge

€ 29.500,00

Beautifully lined yard-built Hoogaars in good maintenance condition. Hull in 2009 completely sandblasted and preserved. Good sailing properties. Beautiful authentic Kooijman and de Vries Hoogaars in good maintenance condition. The "Nigo Oge" has a lot of sailing experience, especially in the Wadden and Oostee, where she does well. Because of her shallow draft and mast height she is also very suitable for Dutch waters. If she is motorized, she will also make good progress in strong currents.worth a visit! General Ballast: Ballast in bottom plate (thickness approx. 12 mm.) Other: In 2009, the entire hull was blasted and preserved, leaving her in good condition. Accommodation Berths: By means of filling stool large bed in front to make Engine, electrics, water Cooling system: Wet exhaust Propulsion: Propeller shaft water lubricated. Water system: Foot pump Fuel tank gauge: measure manually Rig and sails Sail lowering system: Mast lowering by boom and mast lowering winch (see photo) Jib: Stag jib approx. 7 m2, 1 x reefable, Botter jib approx. 20 m2 (white) Flying jib: approx. 7 m2 (brown) Equipment Anchor windlass: Anchor bin with discharge to outside Boat cover: Winter plumage Safety Watertight door: Watertight bulkhead between engine room and cabin

  • Build year1971
  • LOA9.1 x 3.2 x 0.65
  • HullSteel

Gipon Schokker Visserman IJsbeer

€ 39.000,00

Tough fisherman Schokker designed by Gipon and listed in Stamboek van ronde- en platbodemjachten. bowed mast with counterweight. Solidly built and timbered with solid mahogany at Tjerk Hutting in Makkum. The ship has a spacious cockpit and is stable. Looking for a new owner who can enjoy it as much as the current one! Shots and many lines from 2020. Fire extinguisher from 2020. bilge pump, coil and starter motor replaced 2020. gas hose replaced 2020. ship painted in 2004, under berghout blasted. deck sandblasted in 2005, then iroko re-laid. Berth in schiphuis Grouw until March 1, 2023, possibly to take over. Accommodation Material, colours: solid mahogany carpentry by Tjerk Hutting. Saloons: accommodation under the foredeck. Headroom: headroom under cuckoo is 185 cm. Engine, electrics, water Year: revision Cooling system: 3 blades, fixed Rig and sails Spars, stays: unstayed, forestay only. Winches: 2x Lewmar 16 and 2x Barlow Jib: Stag jib, 13.5 m2 Molenaar 2020, Botterfok 21.5 m2 de Boorn Flying jib: 14.5 m2 de Boorn with roller system Number of masts: easily ironable by counterweight.

  • Build year1982
  • LOA10.5 x 3.65 x 0.7
  • HullSteel

S. Westerdijk Grundel Eindeloos

€ 21.500,00

Fully yard-built Westerdijk Grundel 8.50 . Underwater hull blasted and conserved in 2020. Accommodation Other: In addition, an outdoor table top is provided. Equipment Boat cover: Winter coat (see photo)

  • Build year1980
  • LOA8.5 x 3.35 x 0.7
  • HullSteel

Huitema Zeeschouw Fry

€ 17.500,00

Huitema Zeeschouw in good maintenance condition. Handy sailor with authentic look Well-built compact Huitema Zeeschouw with a surprising amount of space in cockpit and cabin for length. Because of shallow draft (60 cm) and mast height (approx. 9 m) is a large sailingarea possible. Very suitable for day trips as well as the possibility to stay on the water for a longer time. Very well maintained; hull till gunnel blasted in 2005 and put in a new system. Handy sailor with good sailing characteristics. General Windows: 8 Other: Well maintained Zeeschouw where the following has been done in the past year by Heech by de Mar: - Built in a handlenspump - Gasbun - Painted mast, boom, sideboards and rudder - Engine service performed - Underwater ship treated where necessary   Accommodation Other: Atmospheric mahogany interior with custom made seat cushions in cabin and mattresses in fore cabin. Features relatively large storage space and closet, 2 berths in fore cabin and up to 3 in cabin. Rig and sails Winches: Foresheet winches Sails material: Storm jib dacron Jib: Double reefable Number of masts: Mast Oregon pine, stainless steel rigging Other: Booms 2x Equipment Outdoor cushions: 2x Boat cover: Cover to mast (4x 6 mtr.) Swimming ladder: Rope ladder Safety Gas bottle locker with drain: Professionally fitted by Heech by de Mar (2021)

  • Build year1986
  • LOA8.3 x 3.1 x 0.6
  • HullSteel

Engelaer Staverse Jol Bolderik

€ 27.500,00

Extraordinarily beautiful, fully yard-built Staverse Jol 7.50 in good condition. Well thought-out Lunstroo design. Handy sailing ship. Very beautifully lined Staverse Jol from famous yard. Built to Lunstroo design and preserved almost in original condition. Atmospheric fresh-looking interior with 4 berths. General Windows: 8 light edges / portholes, windows in cabin bulkhead Accommodation Material, colours: Spacious looking, fully yard-built, original interior in mahogany and white Rig and sails Winches: Foresheet winches Sail lowering system: Mast lowering by winch and (removable) 'dead man' Jib: Reefable Equipment Outdoor cushions: 6x Safety Watertight door: Watertight bulkhead between engine room and cabin

  • Build year1977
  • LOA7.5 x 3.1 x 0.95
  • HullSteel

Brinksma Lemsteraak Maatje

€ 72.500,00

Good sailing authentic Lemsteraak in a very good condition. Cosy interior with spacious beds. Lots of sailing experience up to Denmark. Fraia lined Lemseraak 10.45 to Brinskam design built at well-known De Nieuwe Keilkade yard. Has very good sailing characteristics and has sailing experience to Denmark. Spacious cockpit and spacious interior with room for 5 to 6 people to stay for a long time. Is in very good condition for her age. General Rudder: Rudder teak Steering system: Tiller wood teak Other: Cabin and fore cabin offer a total of 7 berths, distributed as follows: Cabin: sb side 1 +1 extra (sofa can slide out creating generous 2 bed) (see photo). Fore cabin: bb side 2 persons bed, in forepeak 1 person bed (+1, when used as a 2 persons (children) bed), sb side 1 person bed. Accommodation Material, colours: Cabin Teak Curtains: Curtains at cabin entrance Other: Attractive interior. Headroom at entrance approx. 1.85. Engine, electrics, water Propulsion: Propeller shaft stainless steel Rig and sails Winches: Brass foresail winches Sails material: VB 145 Jib: Botter jib, binding jib and small stay jib Equipment Anchor windlass: Mast Strike Anchor Winch Boat cover: In addition to cockpit tarpaulin covers for anchor winch, cuckoo and front hatch Swimming ladder: Swimming ladder on rudder

  • Build year1981
  • LOA10.45 x 3.95 x 0.8
  • HullSteel

Blom Lemsteraak Rodezand

€ 69.000,00

Nicely lined authentic good sailing Blom Lemsteraak. Refit 2007. Spacious interior and spacious cockpit. Sleepplaces 4-6. General Windows: 9x light edges/portholes Vertical clearance: Easy lowering mast Hull number: SSRP number 1075 Other: X Accommodation Other: Various reading and working lights throughout the ship on board. Engine, electrics, water Propulsion: clockwise screw Voltage: 7x power strip 220 volts Shorepower: 25 meter cable Rig and sails Winches: Fokkeschoot winches Flying jib: Jib boom and jib net Equipment Swimming ladder: at the rudder Other: Teak parts gangways and deck easy to take away. In addition, sunscreen and sunroof tent (bimini) available. Also has winter cover over entire ship and mast. Finally, equipped with covers for swords, rudder, mast foot and mast lowering anchor.

  • Build year1977
  • LOA10 x 3.6 x 0.8
  • HullSteel

Kooijman En De Vries Lemsteraak Sijmen Pot

€ 37.500,00

In excellent condition compact Lemsteraak of well-known Kooijman and de Vries yard. Very good sailing properties. Relatively much interior space. Built by Siem de Vries for himself. Working hours played no role in this. This is for example visible in the tiller and the mountain timber, but also in the perfect lines of the hull. Second owner from 1985 until now has applied a lot of woodcarving, see photo-report. The carvings in the masthead and masthead are fully gilded which requires little maintenance. Various replacements with stainless steel: front bollards, collision cleats, nail bank attachment to mast sleeve, mast fittings, lummel fittings, U-profiles for sword cleats, supports for the masthead winches, spillway, pot lid pieces under spillway, fingered rudder. Underwater hull 2002, gangways and deck 2001 sandblasted and epoxy coated (yard 'De Scheepsbouwers'). The ship is in very good condition. Very handy little ship, with which you like to go sailing. With the fast lowering mast ideal for Friesland and exploring other inland waters. Turned out very fast in competitions. General Hull shape: Hull black below wale, green wale, bulwark cream. Rudder: Boyer rudder , attached (oak) Steering system: Tiller steel with ornamental ironwork Windows: 8 Sidelights , wooden windows in cabin bulkhead Ballast: Counterweight mast 110 kg, massive keel beam 8x8 cm (200 kg) Other: - Handy Lemsteraak, built by shipbuilder Siem de Vries (Deil) for himself. From second owner. - Steel plate 7 mm, up to wale 5 mm, above wale 3 mm. Wale renewed on foreside and backside. - Keel solid (8x8 cm) from windward bow to engine bulkhead (2018). After engine bulkhead hollow. - Gunnel teak on steel. - Leeboard suspension renewed in 2021 by the company I. Blom from Hindelopen, which prevents the leeboards from floating up. WORTH A VISIT (BY APPOINTMENT) ! Accommodation Curtains: Curtains at cabin entrance Headroom: Under sliding hatch approx. 1.85, in cabin declining to 1.65 Other: Through (for Lemsteraak) unique large sliding hatch at entrance to cabin much light and more headroom. By covering the boom with a tarpaulin, it is possible to stand in the kitchen in rainy weather with the hatch open. Engine, electrics, water Fuel tanks: Fuel filter / water separator Vetus Cooling system: Indirect cooling by means of heat exchanger. Wet exhaust. Propulsion: Propeller shaft water lubricated. Homokinetic coupling and Python thrust bearing, making soft vibration dampers possibel. Alignment unnecessary Trimflaps: Drift restriction with folding runner to be secured to heavy-duty trellis (can also be done with lap winch). Water system: Foot pump Shorepower: see attachment Oil pressure gauge: with acoustic alarm Temperature gauge: with acoustic alarm Other: Heavy shore power cable (3x 2.5mm2), length 25 m. Note: the Jabsco cooling water pump has a thinner cam than the standard one (Lombardini dealer Heerlien shipyard, Workum). The standard cam caused premature wear of the impeller due to the high rpm. Sound insulation around the engine. Rig and sails Sailplan type: Ash, stainless steel fittings Spars, stays: Bottom 1 meter recessed in stainless steel tube with space for lead ballast counterweight. Stainless steel bearing bush for mast bolt. Stainless steel fittings. Crutch: Removable mast/boom support.. Stainless steel tube with teak support with carvings Winches: Lewmar ST 16 foresail winches, 2 halyard winches on mast trunk Sail lowering system: Mast ironable with counterweight. Counterweight in tube under the wooden mast with separate blocks of lead (can be added or reduced as required. Takes up no extra space in the front ship's hold. Little water leakage through rain gutter between transition wooden mast - stainless steel tube. Jib: Reefable binding reef (1x) (2008) Number of masts: Origon pine (2007), stainless steel fittings Other: Forestay stainless steel wire 8 mm (2007), with gooseneck for mast lowering. No sidestays. Counterweight and cradle with two hatches. Counterweight in stainless steel tube, does not protrude into fore cabin and can be adjusted as needed if more or less counterweight is desired. Blocks of mainsail halyards and halstalks with stainless steel outer fittings. The sails are easily and quickly hoisted by hand. The mast can be lowered by one man in one minute (info owner). Navigation and electronics Other: Electricity is installed by electrician with two main switches for start and light circuit, switch panel with fuses. Shore power connection with earth leakage switch. Equipment Anchor windlass: 30 meters of line, of which 10 meters are weighted with lead Fenders, lines: 5 pieces of fenders (twice convex). One smaller fender for dinghy. Two mooring lines of resp. 12 and 9 m. Five extra lines for special circumstances (e.g. Wadden Sea harbors, storm), once 18 m, twice 15 m, once 13 m, once 10 m. Outdoor cushions: 2x Boat cover: Loose sail to be stretched over boom against sun and rain, in addition summer cover over almost entire ship, covers for swords, rudder, locker plates / beretanden and nameplates Swimming ladder: Rope ladder to hang on clamp cockpit edge Safety Radar reflector: Aluminum Life jackets: Two automatic life jackets with harness (275 N), one lifeline. One standard life jacket 40-50 kg. In addition, life buoy Watertight door: Lockable engine room Gas bottle locker with drain: N/A Origo spirit stove

  • Build year1977
  • LOA8.28 x 3.2 x 0.65
  • HullSteel

Kooijman En De Vries Zeeuwse Schouw Tjalena

€ 24.500,00

Original yard-built Zeeland scow from first owner Neatly maintained Zeeland fireplace, which from construction by the same family has been used with great pleasure. Also in the last two years various maintenance has been done. In 2021 a part of the woodwork was professionally varnished and in 2022 an extensive gas survey was performed. The 'Tjalena' is a handy sailing ship with (for her length) a surprising amount of space on board and is fully ready to sail waiting for a new owner! General Windows: 10 sidelights, windows in cabin bulkhead Accommodation Cooker & fuel: Gas Inspection 2022 Equipment Swimming ladder: separate swim ladder Safety Life jackets: 4 adult life jackets, 2 children no.2 + 3 Gas bottle locker with drain: Gas inspection performed in 2022. Report available

  • Build year1978
  • LOA8 x 3.2 x 0.53
  • HullSteel

Kooijman En De Vries Hoogaars Krukel

Just maintained authentic Hoogaars from famous shipyard. Handy sailor. Large sailing range. Cockpit steel. Price negotiable. General Rudder: Rudder, suspended (oak) Windows: 8 sidelights, large skylight and window in front hatchway Ballast: Ballast through thick surface (approx. 30 mm) Accommodation Material, colours: Left almost entirely original Cooker & fuel: Fire alcohol Engine, electrics, water Water system: Foot pump Water tank & material: Water bag Rig and sails Spars, stays: Mast Oregon pine, stainless steel rigging Sail lowering system: Through 'dead man' and block set Equipment Other: In addition, various mosquito nets

  • Build year1972
  • LOA9 x 2.85 x 0.65
  • HullSteel

Platbodem Skutsje Gerben van Maanen

€ 84.500,00

A beautiful, spacious, very well maintained and above all a cozy ship. Ideal for families or groups who want to sail the Dutch inland waterways and want to be the center of nature during a walking tour on the islands of the Wadden Sea. The Gerben van Manen is also a ship with a lot of history, as described in the following article from the "Stichting stamboek ronde en platbodemjachten". The most appealing skûtsje from the hand of Minne Molles van der Werff in Sneek is the in 1911 commissioned by skipper-fuel merchant Petrus van Vellinga from Sneek built 'The Three Brothers' [S993N]. As appears from the specifications that have been preserved, the ship was to be 17.83 m long and 3.53 m wide. According to the measurement, which took place in Sneek on 8 May 1911, the actual measurements were 17.89 m and 3.58 m. The builders had therefore reasonably kept to the specifications. The ship was measured at 38,737 tons. On 4 October 1919 Van Vellinga sold the ship to Willem Bouwhuis from Poppingawier and it was given the name 'De Onderneming' . At the re-measurement the ship now measured 42,109 tons, almost 3 1/2 tons more. Possibly the layout was changed or the hull slightly raised. It became the first skûtsje that the Heerenveenster skûtsje Foundation purchased in 1956. In 1957 it was renamed "Gerben van Manen". Because of its white color, the skûtsje was also more or less mockingly called 'Willem Barentsz'. Heerenveen would sail with this in the SKS until 1961, when the committee purchased the current 'Gerben van Manen' [L1418N], a Piipster from 1915. In 1961 the ship was bought by Ph. J.W.A. Diderich from Bilthoven. The ship was then 4 meters shortened and provided with a cabin by Niestern Scheepsbouw Unie BV in Hellevoetsluis and converted to a motor yacht with a powerful engine. The owner at that time (unknown) did not like it, because of the seas of water, which kept on wetting everybody. The name 'Gerben van Manen' was kept.

  • Build year1911
  • LOA14.5 x 3.6 x 0.8
  • HullSteel

Vermolen Zeeschouw Maartjes Maat

€ 32.500,00

Beautifully lined Zeeschouw. Beautiful details. Excellent sailing qualities. Attractive spacious saloon. Powerful engine. Furling jib. In very good co Very beautifully lined Zeeschouw with authentic appearance. Attractive and surprisingly spacious interior. Good sailing properties. Is in excellent condition. The current owner has invested a lot in the ship. The 'Maatjes Maat' is fully ready to sail in our sales harbor waiting for a new owner! General Windows: 8 sidelights, large skylight and window in front hatchway Engine, electrics, water Year: Partial revision 2013 Engine hours: Engine hours after overhaul in 2013 approx. 125 Propulsion: Propeller shaft and seal were completely renewed in 2022 Water system: Lily Water tank & material: 2x Water tank, 1x plastic and 1x stainless steel Other: In the fall of 2022, Heech by de Mar completely renewed the propeller shaft and seal. Also all necessary hoses near and at the engine have been renewed. Rig and sails Winches: 2 Sail lowering system: Using blocks and jib boom Sails material: Sail number 334 VC Jib: reefable Flying jib: reefable

  • Build year1982
  • LOA9.2 x 3.6 x 0.85
  • HullSteel

Gipon Lemsteraak Bommen Berend

€ 79.000,00

Neatly maintained Lemsteraak 11.00 with lots of space on offer. Good sailing characteristics. Recent inspection report Hiswa expert available for insp Lemsteraak 11.00 in good condtion. Well thought-out Gipon design. Has a spacious cockpit and a spacious attractive interior with the possibility of 6 to 7 berths. Lots of headroom in the cabin. Good sailing properties. Powerful Mercedes engine with internal cooling and dry exhaust. General Windows: 8 portholes / light edges, 2 small window openings, windows in cabin bulkhead / front hatch and corner Hull number: SSRP 1615 Other: The owner has owned Lemsteraak 'Bommen Berend' for 32 years and has taken good care of the ship, as evidenced by the extensive inspection report that was drawn up by Hiswa expert van Baars in the spring of 2022. Are you looking for a spacious (family) ship with good sailing characteristics, then a visit in Heeg is definitely worthwhile! Engine, electrics, water Year: Marinized and newly installed in 2010 Engine hours: After overhaul in 2010 about 1000 engine hours Rig and sails Spars, stays: Oregon pine Sail lowering system: Easy ironing by counterweight Jib: Jib 18 m2 , 12 m2, 1x reef Flying jib: 9 m2 Equipment Outdoor cushions: 2x Boat cover: Winter plumage Swimming ladder: Swimming ladder on rudder Other: Folding bikes (see photos) in consultation to take over. Safety Gas bottle locker with drain: Two large gas cylinders

  • Build year1985
  • LOA11 x 4.25 x 0.8
  • HullSteel

Scheepswerf Voorwaarts Vissermanschouw WDN 11

€ 19.500,00

Authentic yard-built fishing boat in good condition. Spacious cockpit. Practical spray hood by the cooking area. Mast and swords in perfect condition. Vissermanschouw 'WDN 11' has a rich history and is described in detail in the SSRP studbook. If you are looking for an authentic ship with lots of space in the cockpit, then a visit to Heeg is definitely worth it! General Rudder: Rudder is in very good condition Windows: Light edges in construction, Skylight Hull number: SSRP Studbook number 2195 Other: The 'WDN 11' has been owned by the current owners since 2012, who have taken good care of her. In 2016 the hull was professionally serviced by Stofberg and the mast, swords and rudder are in excellent condition. Considering the age of the ship she is in a very good maintenance condition. Accommodation Material, colours: Relatively spacious looking interior (painted in light color) with seat height Berths: 2 double beds, plenty of storage space under the beds Headroom: Headroom under the hood at the cooking area, in the front room to sit Engine, electrics, water Year: Year of construction unknown, in 2002 completely overhauled Rig and sails Sail lowering system: Mast lowering by winch and (removable) 'dead man' Sails material: Good set of white sails Jib: Reefable Number of masts: Mast in very good condition, easily to lower Equipment Fenders, lines: 4x Boat cover: Cockpit cover to mast, Winter canvas Bisonyl

  • Build year1915
  • LOA9.2 x 3.5 x 0.85
  • HullSteel

Van Rijnsoever Lemsteraak Kale Jonker

€ 155.000,00

Lemsteraak in almost new condition from famous Van Rijnsoever shipyard. Fully equipped. Very stable. Excellent sailing qualities. General Windows: 10 x light edges / portholes, windows in cabin bulkhead, skylight Ballast: Ballast through thick plane (approx. 25 mm) Vertical clearance: Mast height topped 12.50, making it suitable for almost all border lake bridges Hull number: SSRP nr. 2126, cat. D Other: Beautifully lined van Rijnsoever Lemsteraak 10.05 in perfect condition. In 2020 and 2021 completely professionally painted (Kooistra Akkrum). The 'Kale Jonker' has participated in several races and is fully race ready (VB309) but is mainly used by the current owners for long trips on large and small waterways in the Netherlands and Germany. Has been in winter storage every year, so no condensation. Accommodation Material, colours: Atmospheric fully shipyard timbered interior in light oak Cooker & fuel: Eno (2010) Other: Attractive spacious interior, partly renewed in 2010, so still contemporary. Due to extended superstructure in the forecastle and wet cell plenty of headroom. Engine, electrics, water Propulsion: GKN Aquadrive homokineet (2010), which means less wear on the propeller shaft bearing. Hot water: Boiler Voltmeter: Mastervolt BTMIII battery monitor (2010) Rig and sails Winches: 4 halyard winches, 2 daggerboard winches, 2 masthead winches, 2 jib winches (2010) Sail lowering system: Mast lowering by winch and sprinkle Sails material: Sail number VB 309 Jib: 23 m2 (2010), in very good condition Flying jib: 14 m2 (2010), like new, mosquito net Other: Features beautiful teak block set (Ording) Equipment Outdoor cushions: Custom made (see photo) Boat cover: Covers (Captains Blue, 2010) Swimming ladder: At the rudder

  • Build year1986
  • LOA10.05 x 3.7 x 0.85
  • HullSteel