SAFE AND SECURE Support from a HISWA-certif...

Support from a HISWA-certified yacht broker

If you could use some help when buying a pre-owned boat, contact a yacht broker. Like real estate agents, they can provide expert support in the purchasing process.

What does a HISWA-certified yacht broker do?

What does a HISWA-certified yacht broker do?

HISWA-certified yacht brokers can help you buy your dream boat and provide complete peace of mind.

When buying a pre-owned boat via a broker, the seller is often a private party. This means that your contact party is not a broker but a private individual. HISWA-certified yacht brokers will act as an intermediate between you and the seller, and ensure optimal safety and security. They can also help arrange an inspection survey by a HISWA expert. In the end, a successful sales transaction is a win-win for all parties involved.

Recording agreements in a contract

HISWA-certified yacht brokers can help you find the right pre-owned boat. Ready to buy? Make sure all the agreements are properly recorded in writing. HISWA brokers make use of the HISWA purchasing/sales contract that offers both you as the buyer and the seller complete security and transparency. It covers agreements related to issues such as:

  • Details of the contract parties
  • Boat description
  • Price
  • Payment conditions
  • Delivery agreements

The purchasing/sales contract can be further extended with matters like the results of a survey by an independent HISWA expert. Every contract is customised to your personal situation – a task that every HISWA-certified yacht broker is fully qualified to perform.

Safe payments

Buying a boat, new or pre-owned, is a transaction that often involves a considerable sum. Having proper and reliable assistance in the process brings you peace of mind. Because you don’t want your worst nightmare to come true: paying for a boat that is not delivered. HISWA- certified yacht brokers bring maximum security to the payment process. All HISWA brokers apply the HISWA general conditions for the brokerage of boats, which includes agreements on how the financial part of the transaction is handled. This means you can be certain of a successful outcome.