Aanbod nieuwe boten: 1 t/m 4 van 4

Ben jij op zoek naar jouw volgende droomjacht? Wil jij de Franse Riviéra afvaren met al je familieleden? Met een nieuw superjacht gaat dat allemaal lukken en kan het ook in alle luxe die denkbaar is. Denk hierbij ook aan een professionele bemanning die je overal naartoe varen. Voor deze bemanning zijn op een superjacht hutten opgenomen om hun verblijf ook zo aangenaam mogelijk te maken.


prijs op aanvraag

ICE ICE100 by Felci Yacht Design, absolute elegance for the new ICE YACHTS flagship. Super powerful hull, naval architecture at the forefront, elegance of the forms and details, unmatched comfort and livability. Everything made with the best materials today available and with the state of the art building technologies. The lay out is the classic double cockpit one The aft one very large, even 20 mq, dedicated to the steering and to the manoeuvring. Under extends the garage, where itâ??s possible to store virtually all. From the rigid keel tender to the water bikes for the leisure time. Obviously this area, characterized also by a very large opening transom that creates a huge seafront on the sea, can be customized at will to make the holidays more enjoyable and comfortable on board. The guest cockpit is rather classically arranged amidships, large and protected. It covers an area of 13 m2, with large seats and is separated from the maneuvering area by a large sunbathing area (almost 8mq). Moving forward the very modern shape of the dock house mask completely the â??raised saloonâ? lay out of the yacht. Its streamlined and slender shape hides the large side windows and a crystal glass to conceal almost 4 mq, which allow you to live inside as if you were outside, enjoying the surrounding nature and full of natural light as well as an internal height of more than 2 meters. This configuration provides the dinette area in a raised position relative to the rest of the yacht, approaching virtually the guest cockpit and the saloon, creating a spacious extension of the engine room under the floor. This large area will be accessible by hydraulically lifting the floorboards of the saloon. There you will find the main engines and, sideways to them, the large structural tanks composite made. They will be perfectly integrated in the structure of the yacht and will give greater autonomy to the yacht. Moving aft leads to two beautiful twin cabins for guests, equipped with every comfort, with private bathroom and separate shower cubicle. The owner cabin, a real suite of more than 14 mq, is located forward of the dinette and separate from a study area and a large hallway. Equipped with two king size beds placed by side, allow you to rest peacefully even at sea, being located in very central area. The owner toilet area, with double sink, toilet, bidet and separate shower area, extends to the bow and separate the owner cabin from the sail locker and working area. About the crew area and the kitchen area we have chosen to use the aft part of the yacht. With private access from the aft cockpit there is a large and functional area with two double cabins with heads, a large professional kitchen and an equipped dining area . Back to the strictly sailing aspects of the project it must be said that thanks to a lifting keel, that will allows to reduce the draft till 3,5 m, it will be possible to access to a lot of restricted areas and to increase drastically the action area of this yacht. The sail plan will be, as all the other Felci Yachts Design projects, extremely functional and performing, this time characterized by an easy handling concept also through the adoption of three sails only. The systems and the deck gear will obviously be worthy of this flagship. The automation will be entrusted to a very modern plumbing and the experience of the best technicians in the industry. The hull, deck and structures, built as a unique shell using carbon fibre and epoxy resin laminated with an infusion process will follow the highest standards today available, so to obtain an extremely robust manufacture capable of dealing with no problem most challenging ocean sailing conditions.

  • CategorieSuper yacht sailing
  • Bouwjaar2022
  • Afmeting30.7 x 6.8 x 4.5 m
  • MateriaalEpoxy composite
  • MotorSteyer 350 Hp PK

Boarncruiser 1280 Elegance - Sedan - Long Top

Met de afmetingen 12.76 x 4.36 m is de grootst mogelijke ruimte gecreëerd wat op een schip met deze lengte haalbaar is.

  • CategorieSuperyacht motor
  • Afmeting12.76 x 4.36 x 1.1 m
  • MateriaalSteel

Boarncruiser 1440 Elegance - Center Sleeper


  • CategorieSuperyacht motor
  • Afmeting14.4 x 4.6 x 1.2 m
  • MateriaalSteel

Proton 42

The newborn in the range of Proton Yachting is a Luxury and very exclusive Tender of 42 feet, with distinctive features that make it ideal as a dayboat or express cruiser. Looking at it, you feel a sense of originality, you can feel the strength and beauty of a very thoughtful  idea. The entire perimeter of the yacht can be traversed safely on walkable gunwales, without ever encountering obstacles. So it is extremely comfortable to move from the middle of the boat, where there are the steering console, the bar and the table, towards the bow and the stern where there are more seats and comfortable spaces: it creates three centres of gravity well-spaced to each other and at the same time they are perfectly connected to offer the owner a safe place, dedicated to pleasure, relax and conviviality. Forward of the bar there is a triplet of seats facing the gear with an elegant sporty style. The pilot is destined for the central seat, in front of which there is a large pilot console equipped with the best that electronics can provide today and for tomorrow, to manoeuvre the boat and to manage all the home automation and entertainment systems. The driving position of the PY42 is sheltered by a wraparound windscreen and an extraordinary T-Top that is one of the authentic wow factors of the PY42 Luxury Tender. As is clear, this yacht invites outdoor life; nevertheless, the Proton shipyard has not neglected the spaces below deck with convertible solutions which are both elegant and extremely functional. The dinette in fact can be transformed into a sleeping area in addition to the comfortable aft full beam cabin. The bathroom is complete with separate shower cubicle. The new PY42 Tender is in the luxury version powered by two MercuryDiesel 6.7L engines, each rated at 550HP (2x404 KW) with Zeus pod drive, which guarantee 40+ knots speed, optimal navigation and low fuel consumption. The PY42 can also be equipped with up to 2x 600hp Mercury outboard, exclusively for the customer who wants very high speeds above 50 knots.

  • CategorieSuperyacht motor
  • Bouwjaar2022
  • Afmeting13.00 x 4.0 x 1.10 m
  • MateriaalAluminium
  • MotorMercuryDiesel 6.7L 2x 550 PK

Een superjacht op maat

Een superjacht is altijd afgestemd op de wensen van de eigenaar. Zo ook jouw nieuwe superjacht. Zo zijn het interieur en de kleur van de romp een mooi voorbeeld van alle personalisatiemogelijkheden. Zo kan je ook allerlei speeltjes laten personaliseren die meegaan aan boord. Denk aan een jetski, een tender of een ander speedbootje om je gezelschap mee te vermaken. Ook in dit vlak van superjachten is alles mogelijk en is ‘the sky the limit’. 

Superjachten in allerlei formaten

Superjachten komen in allerlei lengten en hoogten. Je kan sommige jachten al een superjacht noemen vanaf 50 meter. Superjachten worden ook gebouwd in ondenkbare lengtes van boven de 100 meter. Hierbij komen alle luxe die denkbaar is. Bioscopen, fitnesshallen en een helikopterplatform (!). Is dat nog niet genoeg? Dan kan er altijd nog gekozen worden voor een zogenaamd support vessel. Dit is een schip die achter het superjacht aan vaart ter ondersteuning hiervan. Hier kan de bemanning op verblijven, voorraad op bewaard worden en kunnen alle andere speeltjes zoals jetski’s, speedboten en tenders meegenomen worden. Sommige support vessels komen zelfs met een heliplatform.