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Boarnstream Yachting


Fuelled by our passion for building yachts, our family business has expanded exponentially since its incorporation in 1964, delivering more than 1200 ships to gratified customers. Our aim is for you to enjoy as much of your spare time out on the water as possible. More than anyone else, we understand how owning a boat adds value and enjoyment to your life. Here at Boarnstream Yachting, we know that nothing can replace the sense of freedom that comes with spending quality time on a motor yacht.

Full service
‘Craftsmanship in Service’, that's Boarnstream Yachting! With great pleasure, we stand at your full service every day. Like no other, we definitely understand the added value of a yacht. Since 1964, we have proved all our knowledge and experience time after time.

Cherish your property without worry
Boarnstream’s priority is to make sure customers can sail without any worry. With the experience of owners, designing boats and maintaining them, we make it possible for you to spend as little time as possible doing tasks on your boat so that you can really enjoy your free time! Regularly maintain and keep up; simple, straightforward and on schedule. If you buy a used boat, you do not know what to expect normally, that is why we select the occasions that we take in mediation.

A boat should last for many years without problems. Also under extreme conditions, as wind, salt water and waves are more the rule than the exception. We have the expertise in-house to serve you well. A school for 'how to build a boat', 'how do I maintain my boat’, ‘how do I use my boat optimally’ or ‘where are the most beautiful sailing routes’ simply does not exist.

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