JetSurf Sport

€ 10.275,00 BTW Betaald
  • Status:Beschikbaar
  • Merk:JetSurf
  • Model:Sport
  • Afmeting:1.8 x 0.6 x 0.1 m
  • Materiaal:Other
  • Ligplaats:In verkoophaven


The JETSURF Sport is the board that everyone can enjoy.

The JETSURF Sport is the board that everyone can enjoy. Its characteristics perfectly suit families and rentals. The Sport is durable and reliable, but most of all, this model will be a great guide for your jetsurfing early stages.

Whether you like to enjoy a fun afternoon at your favourite lake or sea bay, looking for a new toy to equip your yacht, the JETSURF SPORT delivers absolutely everything you might need for shorter distance trips, riding with your children, friends or to discover a brand new perspective of cruising around. The JETSURF SPORT offers a four-strap version fitting to both - goofy and regular jetsurf riders.



JETSURF Sport comes with an option of foot strap free option.

Rubber pad on the board helps with motorized surfboard initial

attempts to stand up. When feeling confident in stand up riding

position, foot straps may be easily mount on the hull.


Acceleration, speed, balance, - it?s all in your hand. The

JETSURF control handle serves for starting the board, throttle

acceleration and makes a good stability point at any stage of

your riding level.


JETSURF boards are available in two different hull shapes.

While Sport and Adventure aims on stability in cornering, Race

and Race Titanium more curved hulls give enough traction and

confidence for faster turning with shorter turning radius.


The ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized

memory foam connect the riders to the boards, allowing for

jumps, airs, grabs and even flips. The straps are placed for ideal

weight distribution on the board making it nearly impossible to

slip off the board.


Brand new accessory equipment by JETSURF MOTORIZED SURFBOARD. Looking for easier jetsurfing beginnings? Would you like to let your children share the board or just welcome more buoyancy? Then, the Tube will definitely be your favourite. A rubber fitted to your board will create one of the most stable surfing crafts. This inflatable accessory will not take up too much space for transport, and could easily be strapped to all JETSURF models.


2019 upgrades of the engine take fuel efficiency to a whole new

level. Enjoy over an hour of continuous riding using only 2.8 liters of fuel.

Type 2 stroke engine MSR 50.2 HXT

Displacement 90 cc

Cooling Water cooled open loop

50 (standard)

Top speed 48 km/h / 30 mph

Cruising range 40 minutes at full throttle


IgnitionMultiprocessor ICU

StarterDC motor

BatteryLi-Ion 6,6 Ah (73Wh) - The engine does not recharge the battery, there is accumulator which will give you approximately 150 starts or 4 hours of continuous riding without recharging. Recharging takes approximately 45 min. and can be done via a car cigarette lighter output or socket.


PROPULSION SYSTEM Jet-Pump direct drive

RACING PUMP Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage


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  • Afmetingen
    Lengte 1.8 meter
    Breedte 0.6 meter
    Diepgang 0.1 meter
  • Bouw
    Rompmateriaal Other
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