Flat bottom boats: 22 to 42 of 83

Sipman Grundel 't Vrouweskip

Very well maintained Grundel 9.00 with large cockpit and practical interior Beautiful Grundel 9.00 (one of the most beautiful Grundels in the Netherlands) from first owner in very good condition. Lots of space, both inside and out. Has young complete sail set and relatively young Volvo Penta engine which is cooled internally. Handy stable sailor with excellent sailing characteristics! Accommodation Shortwave radio: Short wave radio Sailtron RT 144 Rig and sails Spars, stays: Mast v/d Neut, rigging stainless steel Winches: Fokeschoot and sword winches Sail lowering system: Stainless steel box legs Jib: Butter jib 18 m2, storm jib 7 m2 Flying jib: 8 m2 Equipment Boat cover: Winter cover up to half mast

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1972
  • LOA9 x 3.24 x 0.9 m
  • HullSteel

Kooijman En De Vries Zeeschouw Pandion

€ 34.000,00

Exceptionally well maintained Kooijman en de Vries Zeeschouw with spacious cockpit and spacious interior. Built on the plane, so headroom and stabilit Particularly beautiful Zeeschouw to the design of J.K. Gipon built at the famous Kooijam and de Vries shipyard. Steel under gunwale and gunwale renewed in 2016! Beautiful yard timbered interior with practical round seat and generous wet cell. In the front ship there are 4 separate beds, with the bed on port side expandable to 2 bed. General Windows: 8 windows / lights, windows in cabin bulkhead Other: The 'Pandion' has been well looked after by the current owner. A new teak pot lid was installed in 2016 and all necessary maintenance has been done every year. Construction drawings and sail plan available. LIES FULLY READY TO SAIL WAITING FOR NEW OWNER. Accommodation Berths: Four fixed berths in fore cabin and small double bed in cabin (by lowering table) Other: Features a wide sliding hatch, allowing lots of light and air into cabin. Engine, electrics, water Measuring instruments: Still to be connected or renewed Rig and sails Winches: Fokeschoot and sword winches Sail lowering system: Mast windlass fully serviced and overhauled Equipment Boat cover: Cockpit tent expandable to winter cover (2019) Other: Has virtually new summer / winter tent and bimini (investment approx. € 4,000, -)

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1975
  • LOA9.5 x 3.38 x 0.65 m
  • HullSteel

Brinksma Lemsteraak Florenteyn

€ 119.000,00

Beautifully lined Brinksma Lemsteraak 11.45 in excellent condition. Good sailing qualities! Very nice interior with 6 berths. STEERING WHEEL OPTION Well maintained, fully yard-built, Lemsteraak 11.45 to Brinksma design built at De Nieuwe Kielkade in Bolward. De Florenteyn' has the possibility to sail with tiller and steering wheel. Spacious and cosy interior with 6 to 7 berths and a headroom of 1.90 - 1.85 meters. Because of the large water and fuel tank it is suitable to stay on board for a long time without calling at a port. Fantastic sailing ship (VB class) for inland waters, IJsselmeer and mud flats! General Steering system: Hydraulic steering wheel with steering position optional Windows: Portholes / lights 8x, windows cabin bulkhead and upper light fore cabin Other: The ship is in the hall every winter and is then fully checked for necessary maintenance. For example, in 2014 the hull was repainted in a 2 component system and in recent years all spars, swords and rudder have been varnished. In 2020 the underwater hull was professionally blasted and put in a two-component system. Accommodation Curtains: Practical ribbed fabric upholstery Cabins: Features owner's cabin with sink and closet space Other: Beautiful fully yard-built teak interior with separate owner's cabin and 4 (bunk) berths in forward cabin. Engine, electrics, water Cooling system: Keel cooling in keel beam Water system: Electric Other: Reliable Samofa (cooperating engine factories) overhauled engine with sufficient power for water displacement. Internal cooling through keel beam. Rig and sails Spars, stays: Mast Oregon pine, stainless steel rigging Winches: Enkes bronze winches, foresail and leeboard winches Sail lowering system: Mast lowering / anchor winch and sprinkle Sails material: number of sails including water sail Number of masts: Mast replaced several years ago for longer Equipment Swimming ladder: Swimming ladder on rudder

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1978
  • LOA11.45 x 3.85 x 0.85 m
  • HullSteel

Kooijman En De Vries Vollenhovense Bol Bolwerk

Beautifully lined Vollenhoven bol 8.10 of famous Kooiman and de Vries yard. Surprisingly spacious and equipped with unique sliding hatch. Furling jib. Beautifully lined Vollenhoven Bol 8.10 from famous Kooijman and de Vries yard in very good condition. Well thought-out Gipon design with unique large sliding hatch. Built on thick planes, therefore very stable and lots of headroom. Good set of sails including furling jib. Relatively young engine with more than enough power for displacement. Fantastic sailing ship suitable for all Dutch waters, Wadden Sea and Baltic Sea! General Windows: Lights 6x and portholes 2x Hull number: SSRP No. 1431 Other: Hull in a very good state of maintenance (see photo). Accommodation Cooker & fuel: Meva Other: Rig and sails Winches: Masthead winches Lewmar 2 speed Sail lowering system: in poor condition Jib: Furlex skirt 200s Furling foresail: Yes Equipment Boat cover: Summer and winter cover Swimming ladder: Swimming steps at the helm

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1977
  • LOA8.1 x 3 x 0.65 m
  • HullSteel

Kuperus LEMSTERAAK De Marne

€ 87.500,00

Fully yard built Kuperus barge in good condition. Easily maneuverable by bow thruster. Cosy spacious interior and generous 2 bed Well maintained yard-built Kuperes Lemsteraak 10.50 from second owner. De Marne' is a good sailing ship with a large sailing range. It has a spacious and cosy interior with a large double bed and 2-3 beds in the point. Very suitable for longer trips. Has a lot of sailing experience up to German Wadden Sea! General Windows: Portholes / lights 12x Accommodation Material, colours: Beautiful yard timbered interior Engine, electrics, water Propulsion: Screw drive via homokineet Water system: Electric Rig and sails Spars, stays: Stainless steel reinforcement Winches: Jib, jib and leeboard winches Jib: 20 m2, reefable Flying jib: 10 m2 Equipment Fenders, lines: 6x Boat cover: Tarpaulin to mast Safety Watertight door: Waterproof bulkhead

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1988
  • LOA10.5 x 3.9 x 0.8 m
  • HullSteel

Bezemer Zeeschouw Stoere Johannes

Exceptionally well maintained yard-built Zeeschouw 10.38 of the famous Bezemer yard. Fantastic (family) ship with good sailing characteristics ! Beautiful fully yard-built Zeeschouw with Lemsteraak appearance. The current owners have taken very good care of their 'Stoere Johannes'. The ship has been inside every winter and all necessary maintenance has been done, so she is in a good condition overall. General Hull shape: Flatbottom Rudder: Suspended (steel) Steering system: Helmet wood Windows: Portholes bronze 10x, lights 2x and windows aft (1 to open) Other: Striking spacious fireplace with generous cockpit. SSRP number 1669, sailing number ZB2, has a tonnage certificate Accommodation Material, colours: Mahogany yard timbered Curtains: Dark Yellow Berths: 5 generous berths; 1.10 x 2.00, 0.80 x2.00, 1.30 x 2.00 mtr. Headroom: approx. 1.90 - 1.70 Cooker & fuel: 4-burner stove Other: Spacious, fresh-looking shipyard carpentry interior beautifully finished in mahogany, which gives a rich appearance. Provides plenty of closet and storage space. Mattresses in front extra comfortable. The ship is delivered with the complete inventory. Engine, electrics, water Fuel tanks: with gauge glass Cooling system: Closed system Propulsion: Propeller shaft homokineet thrust bearing Fuel consumption: 2.5 ltr./hour Dynamo: Extra strong Water system: Electric Hot water: Geyser Other: Demonstrated yearly serviced Perkins engine, which is listed as very reliable. Internal cooling. Hydraulic reversing clutch. Victron isolating transformer & diode bridge. Rig and sails Sailplan type: Gaff rigged Spars, stays: Origon pine Winches: Electric anchor and mast lowering winch Sails material: 50% cotton / 50% plastic Jib: Furling jib approx. 20 m2 / Fairing jib approx. 12 m2 Flying jib: Approx. 18 m2 / Roller blind approx. 11 m2 (dacron) Other: Running rigging renewed in 2018. Features double steel rigging and backstays. Navigation and electronics Other: Volt/amp meter on board battery Equipment Anchor windlass: Yes , on foredeck, also suitable for mast lowering Fenders, lines: 6 fenders and several lines Safety Radar reflector: Yes Gas bottle locker with drain: 2 x 11 kg.

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1977
  • LOA10.38 x 3.65 x 0.85 m
  • HullSteel

De Plaete Zeeschouw De Ouwe Tukker

€ 17.500,00

Solid yard-built scow with good sailing characteristics. Spacious cockpit and spacious interior. Good price / quality and quantity ratio. Very well built Zeeschouw from the famous De Plaete yard. Spacious cockpit and spacious interior for a long time with several people to stay. Powerful engine that delivers sufficient power in all circumstances. In short: a good sailing (family) ship for inland waters, IJsselmeer and mud flats! General Other: Rig and sails Spars, stays: Stainless steel backstays Winches: Masthead winches Lewmar ST 16 Sail lowering system: by means of gantries and winch Jib: 16 m2, 1x reefable Halfwinder, bollejan: Bone Rearing Equipment Boat cover: Winter plumage Swimming ladder: on rudder

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1976
  • LOA9.5 x 3.5 x 0.7 m
  • HullSteel

Dick Boon Zeeschouw Keet

€ 27.500,00

Spacious Zeeschouw 10.00 designed by Dick Boon and built at the company Helfrich Franekerdeel. Spacious (family) ship with the possibility of 6-8 beds Solidly built and well maintained Dick Boon Zeeschouw 10.00 on which recently a lot of maintenance has been done. For example, in the spring of 2018 the hull was repainted and steel where necessary brought to the required thickness (flat report available on request). In addition, swords and rudder were completely taken care of in 2019. Spacious family boat for inland waterways, IJsselmeer and mud flats! General Other: Accommodation Other: Engine, electrics, water Water tank & material: spread over 2 tanks Other: Regularly maintained engine, with thrust bearing and transmission on the reverse gearbox renewed in 2020. Rig and sails Winches: Fokkeschoot winches Sail lowering system: Mast gland with buckle legs Jib: Stagfok and botterfok Number of masts: Mast renewed in 2015 Equipment Anchor windlass: Anchor Winch 2019 Boat cover: Winter plumage

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1974
  • LOA10 x 3.7 x 0.85 m
  • HullSteel

Fries Jacht Rondbodem "Eeltjejanz"

€ 54.500,00

Fully restored Friesian Yacht "Eeltjejanz" Frisian Yacht "Eeltjejanz" in absolute new condition. Registered at Stichting Stamboek Ronde en Platboemjachten (SSRP), plaque number 32, Category A, sail number RD34. Built in 1920 at F. Lantinga, IJlst. Completely restored from 2013-2017 by Shipyard I.L. van Klink. Jachtmakelaardij ZWF | 0515-745560 | info@jachtmakelaardijzwf.nl | Workum, Parallelwei 7 | Heeg, It Butlân 4

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1920
  • LOA6.05 x 2.61 x 0.5 m
  • HullWood

Lemsteraak Visserman De Tsaar ZA6

€ 115.000,00

Yacht broker Daan Hamburger 088-2502504

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1997
  • LOA10.4 x 3.65 x 0.8 m
  • HullSteel

Blom Lemsteraak Noordster

€ 49.500,00

Good sailing Lemsteraak of famous Blom yard with lots of interior space, (also) very suitable for a longer stay with family. Authentic Lemsteraak of well-known Blom yard with good sailing properties. Has reliable Volvo Penta engine overhauled in 1996 with only about 2000 engine hours. Engine, electrics, water Water system: Foot pump Water tank & material: spread over 2 tanks Rig and sails Winches: Fokeschoot and sword winches Jib: Stagfok and botterfok Flying jib: Large and small Navigation and electronics Short band transmitter: SW/MW receiver Equipment Anchor windlass: No winch available Boat cover: Cockpit tent

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1973
  • LOA10.1 x 3.65 x 0.85 m
  • HullSteel

One Off Grundel Woeste Willem

Handy sailing Grundel with furling jib system. Cosy interior with dinette and spacious bed in front. Authentic atmosphere by e.g. wood stove. Spacious Grundel 9.00 well looked after by the current owner. Because of furling jib also suitable for sailing alone. Has a 2015 built-in overhauled Yanmar engine with approx. 500 engine hours after installation. Because of good insulation and woodstove very suitable to sail also in early spring and late autumn. 'Woeste Willen lies fully ready to sail in our sales harbor waiting for a new owner! General Windows: 8 Other: Unique Grundel with large cockpit and long continuous superstructure, creating space up to the forecastle. Has good insulation in the cabin and the forecabin. Accommodation Other: Cosy interior with dinette (lowerable table can be used as a bed) and a very spacious double bed (or possibly 3 children's beds) in the front. Has an economical wood stove and good insulation, making it good to stay in the cabin in spring and autumn. Engine, electrics, water Year: Professionally installed in 2015 after overhaul Cooling system: Wet exhaust Water system: Foot pump Water tank & material: water tank newly installed in 2021. Rig and sails Winches: Dolphins Allpa Sail lowering system: Bokkepoten Sails material: In addition, original cotton mainsail Jib: Furling jib with roller system Smartroller (see you tube) Other: Features a roller jib system unique to this type of vessel, the operation of which is explained on you tube (Smartroller) . Equipment Boat cover: Summer and winter cover

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1970
  • LOA9 x 3.4 x 0.9 m
  • HullSteel

Kroes Kampen Zeeschouw 't Rommeldier

€ 19.750,00

Solid yard-built zeeschouw with unique MIDZWAARD, making large sailing area (mudflats) possible. Relatively spacious interior and standing height at c General Windows: 10 windows and overhead light in hatch Other: Unique combination due to apresence of centerboard and yet all the advantages of a flat-bottomed boat such as shallow draft and possibility of drying! Neatly maintained scow, where the hull was painted in 2019 and the deck in 2020. Has spacious cockpit and relatively much interior space. Accommodation Headroom: At entrance (galley) headroom approx.1.85 Engine, electrics, water Engine hours: Approx. 400 running hours after overhaul in 2012 Water tank & material: Divided over two tanks Equipment Boat cover: Cockpit tent / winter canvas (PVC) 2020 Swimming ladder: Loose bathing ladder Other: Features railing, allowing safe walking through gangways.

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1962
  • LOA8.75 x 3 x 0.65 m
  • HullSteel
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Skutsje 16.44 Toger

€ 79.500,00

Very well maintained Skutsje, the entire ship is blasted and is in a 2 component paint system. The Skutsje is in sailable condition.

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1909
  • LOA18.65 x 3.65 x 0.65 m
  • HullSteel

Noordzee Botter 17

€ 199.999,00

Classic and seaworthy North Sea Botter with a waterline length of 17m. With many innovations, CVO and flat gauge Noordzee Botter 17m from 1931 which in her early years was used as a fishing vessel in Urk. Around 1935 she was moved to Scheveningen by the construction of the Afsluitdijk where she was used as a fishing vessel until 1965. After this she was in commercial charter until 2000 when her current private owner bought her. The Noordzee Botter is an excellent sailing living ship for longer journeys. Thanks to her wheelhouse, she is also easy to sail in colder regions, and on sunny days she can be steered from the outside using the tiller. The gangways are high and offer much safety when working on deck. The current owner has installed an electric motor to hoist the mainsail, so she can also be sailed with a small crew. For extra convenience, the jib is also placed on a roller reefing system. Through a steep staircase we come to the living area, on port side the L-shaped galley with original faucet, fridge and stove and various storage spaces. To starboard is the L-shaped sofa which is very suitable as a lounge. Opposite a cozy dinnete for dinner. In the stern is a double bed with in the closet a dryer. Through the cozy corridor we find on port side the owners cabin with double bed and desk with sink. On the other side is a compact office with a bunk bed. Against this is the wet room with toilet and washing machine and escape hatch. We enter the engine room via the aft deck, here we find the Scania 156Pk engine as well as the generator, batteries chargers and water/diesel tanks. Deck thickness report 2020 and CVO certification.

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1931
  • LOA18 x 5.4 x 1.9 m
  • HullSteel

Van Twillert Zeeschouw D'n Ruyghe

Very well maintained good sailing scow with lots of space inside and out. Completely ready to sail for next season in sales harbour! General Rudder: Rudder attached, oak Windows: 8 windows / lights, 2 windows cabin bulkhead Other: Very well built ship in an exceptionally good condition. For example, the entire ship has had a paint job (Epifanes) in 2020 and spars, cuckoo and front hatch have been put in a new Epifanis system. In addition, a new antifouling (Sikkens) was applied in 2020. The current owner describes her as follows: Lovely ship to sail with particularly good and fast sailing characteristics especially with a large wind (speeds up to 9 MpH). Zeeschouw 'D'n Ruyghe' is fully ready to sail, waiting for a new owner! Accommodation Curtains: New upholstery in front cabin (2020) Other: 'D'n Ruyghe' has a surprisingly spacious cabin which is pleasant to stay in, partly due to the good insulation. Lots of headroom and under the gunwales lots of height, so even taller people can stay on board comfortably. Engine, electrics, water Cooling system: Indirect cooling with dry exhaust Propulsion: 3 blades screw Control panel: Voltmeter batteries Solar panel: Flexible solar panel with MPPT controller readable via Victron App Other: Extensive engine overhaul in 2020, which included an overhaul of the injectors (invoice available for inspection). Rig and sails Winches: Fokkeschoot winches Jib: Reefable Flying jib: Reefable Number of masts: Mast, boom and jib boom Oregon pine Other: Owns good quality brown Molenaar sails. Navigation and electronics Other: Owns a good multi-purpose compass pole with plotter and traditional compass, which is easy to convert into a cockpit table (oak). Equipment Anchor windlass: With perpendicular Boat cover: Winter plumage Swimming ladder: At the helm (2020) Other: Very spacious cockpit with plenty of storage space. This was equipped in 2010 with low maintenance teak benches and decking, which are all in excellent condition. Also, in 2021 new engine hatch rubbers applied.

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1991
  • LOA9.3 x 3.6 x 0.8 m
  • HullSteel

Het Speeljacht Schokker Jan Olphert

€ 19.500,00

Handy Schokker with surprisingly much interior space, also very suitable as a family ship. For inland waters, IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea! Beautifully lined handy and good sailing Schokker with a surprising amount of space in cockpit and cabin. Large sailing range because of shallow draft and mast height. Relatively high headroom and 4-5 beds. The hull is over 10 years ago completely sandblasted and put in a 2 component system. General Rudder: Rudder attached Windows: 8 portholes, glass in cabin bulkhead Hull number: SSRP nr. 1768 Other: Depthy, yard-built Schokker, of which the underwater hull was sandblasted in 2008 and put in a new system. Jan Olphert' is described in the ship list of the studbook under number 1768 with several pictures from her rich past! Accommodation Headroom: Headroom at entrance (galley) 1.90, to partly in front ship approx. 1.85 Other: Surprisingly spacious interior with the possibility of 4-5 berths. Engine, electrics, water Measuring instruments: Voltmeter and switch panel Dynamo: Nissan Water system: Jabsco 11 ltr. / minute Rig and sails Spars, stays: Stainless steel rigging Crutch: Scissors can be disassembled Winches: Fokkeschoot winches Sail lowering system: Mast windlass, can also be lowered with jib boom and mainsheet Jib: Botter jib with binding reef, 13,3 m2 Flying jib: Flying, 9.8 m2 Equipment Boat cover: Winter cover up to half mast

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1982
  • LOA9.1 x 3.4 x 0.65 m
  • HullSteel

Kooijman Enkhuizer Bol Kantje Boord

Very well maintained Enkhuizer Bol from the famous Kooijman shipyard. Surprisingly spacious interior for length ship. Relatively young engine and sail Very well maintained Enhkuizer Bol 7.00 of renowned Kooijman shipyard. Surprisingly spacious inside with 3 to 4 berths. Good set of relatively young sails. Powerful Vetus engine with more than enough power for displacement. Due to shallow draft (0.50 m) and low creep height (1.90) large sailing range. General Windows: 9 Lights and windows portholes Hull number: SSRP nr . 1684 Other: Hull completely repainted spring 2021, so she is in excellent condtion and fully ready for sale! Accommodation Berths: Bed in front also suitable for two children Other: Engine, electrics, water Cooling system: Wet exhaust Water system: Hydrophore pump Other: Rig and sails Crutch: Mik adjustable to two heights Jib: Bounder jib, reefable Other:

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1965
  • LOA7 x 2.72 x 0.5 m
  • HullSteel

Vrouwe Berber - Bolletje 670

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1963
  • LOA6.70 x 2.95 x 0.60 m
  • HullHout
  • EngineAlbin OM 10 dynastart 10 PK

Averink En Koot Gildeboeier Platbodem Bolle Jan

Beautiful maintenance friendly trailerable Boeier 630 with surprisingly spacious interior for her length Beautiful Gildeboeier in excellent condition. Surprisingly spacious on the outside and inside. Has a complete sailing plan including jib. The Vetus engine will be completely overhauled in spring 2018. Good sailing ship with large sailing range. Excellent trailerability due to relatively low weight. General Rudder: Attached, oak Steering system: Oak Accommodation Material, colours: Oak panelling, upholstery and cushion renewed 2015 Engine, electrics, water Other: Motor spring 2018 completely overhauled. Equipment Boat cover: Summer and winter plumage

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1995
  • LOA6.3 x 2.5 x 0.4 m
  • HullGRP (Polyester)

Vreedenburgh Schokker Petronella

€ 65.000,00

Exceptionally well-maintained Vreedenburgh Schokker 10.75 with excellent sailing properties. Fantastic family ship with a very large sailing range! Beautifully lined Vreedenburgh Schokker 10.75 in an exceptionally good condition. Famous for her excellent sailing qualities. By construction on 30 mm thick flat very stable and a lot of headroom in the cabin (approx. 1.95). Practically divided spacious interior with 7 berths. Fantastic family ship (but also with 2 persons excellent sailing), suitable for inland waters, IJsselmeer and Wadden and Baltic Sea! General Hull shape: Built on 30 mm thick base plate, providing high headroom and stability Ballast: Other ballast in 3 cm flat processed Other: In an excellent state of repair for her age. Hull in 2017 in a Double Coat system of the IJssel put in beautiful deep blue color (Mercedes blue) . Accommodation Cooker & fuel: Force 10 Gas cooker with 3 burners Engine, electrics, water Water system: Foot pump Water tank & material: spread over 2 tanks Rig and sails Spars, stays: Mast oregon pine, stiffen stainless steel Winches: Fokkeschoot winches Equipment Boat cover: Cockpit tent, cockpit tarpaulin, mainsail, swordtail and hood front hatch Safety Gas bottle locker with drain: Double gas bottle (large and small)

  • CategoryFlat and round bottom
  • Build year1980
  • LOA10.75 x 3.75 x 0.75 m
  • HullSteel