Gipon Pluut 900

€ 16.500,00 VAT included
  • Status:Available
  • Manufacturer:Gipon Pluut
  • Model:900
  • Category:Flat and round bottom
  • Build year:1963
  • LOA:9 x 3.05 x 0.55 m
  • Air draft:10 m
  • Hull construction:Steel
  • Vessel lying:Zoutkamp


Heating, boiler, etc. Surprisingly spacious flatboat with good sailing qualities.

  • Dimensions
    Loa 9 meter
    Beam 3.05 meter
    Draft 0.55 meter
    Air draft 10 meter
  • Build
    Year 1963
    Deck construction Staal antislip
    Superstructure construction Staal
    Hull type Platbodem
    Hull construction Steel
    Where J. De Boer & Zn., Sliedrecht
  • Galley
  • Motor
    Cylinders 3
    Tankage 40 liter
  • Accommodation
    Berths 3
    Toilet Toilet
  • Tuigage
    Main sail

Flat bottom boats for sale in the Netherlands

The historic appearance of the flat-bottomed boat is, among other things, what makes it so special. As the name implies, a flat bottom has a flat bottom that has no or almost no keel. The sailing yacht often has side swords, which is what makes it so characteristic. The boats are ideal for charter sailing and are also widely used in the Netherlands. But the flat-bottomed boats can also be used well for pleasure craft or as a houseboat.