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World Leader. The Dutch ship- and yacht-building industry is one of the best in the world. In addition to that, Holland, with its abundance of water, has a choice selection of leading suppliers of ship systems, including Roodberg, which operates internationally. Over 70 years of experience. As Roodberg we develop, produce and supply top of the line boat hoisting and transportation systems for (naval) ship- and repair yards, yacht builders and marinas. We use innovative technologies for this, which are based on over 70 years of experience in designing and building both hydraulic and electric hoisting and transportation systems. Roodberg is a trade name of Frisian Industries B.V.

Quality guarantee
We guarantee the monitoring and quality of the design and production with advanced engineering software and the use of internal control and quality systems.

Consultation & custom work
In addition to proven quality, Roodberg also supplies expert consultation and custom work. For every request we ask the following question: How do we find the most optimum and economic solution for your specific request, situation and budget?

Roodberg has engineers with many years of knowledge and experience in the design and construction of both static and mobile mechanical and electrotechnical systems.

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Toeleverancier / groothandel

  • Importeurs / producenten trailers
  • Toelevering watersport algemeen / dienstverlening
  • Toelevering jachtbouw algemeen
  • Toelevering jachthavens


  • Friese Meren / Meren Groningen
  • IJsselmeer / Waddenzee
  • Hollandse Plassen
  • Weerribben / Wieden
  • Groene Hart
  • Rivieren / Limburgse Maasplassen
  • Deltagebied / Biesbosch
  • Europa / Wereldwijd


  • Friesland