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Victron Energy B.V.


Whether you are a leisure or a professional sailor, you know how important it is to have a reliable power supply so that your electronics continue to function properly - especially far out at sea. Victron Energy offers a broad range of equipment designed specifically with you and your on board power system in mind. We proudly present to you a new era in freedom and independence.

Our products are being used in many different kinds of vessels: sailing yachts, cruise ships, sloops, tugboats, motor boats and
container ships. Every boat has its own character and each owner has their own demands for ease of use and system quality of their onboard energysystem. Victron Energy has been developing energy systems with all this in mind, based on their long-term relationship and experience. Because of this, you can be assured of the latest technology all confi gured to your personal needs. Development, supply and service, all under one roof. Your wishes are being translated to a high-quality tailor-made end product. No solitary instruments, but a complete solution based on the ‘plug and play’ concept. 




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